Sunday, 19 December 2010


"They say a hero is the one who survive till the end of war. They say a hero is the one who can stand up from the deepest fear he'd fell off. They say a hero is the one who have faith in himself. They also say a hero is the one who always win even if he lost the game. I'm not really care of whatever they said. But here's the thing I know, you stood up until the end, you brought us into something that we're never achieved, you believe in them you have faith in them (although sometimes you hide that feelings), you took a good damn care of them, you're not asleep because you thought of them a lot, you're 'all-out' when it comes to them. What more can I say ? You are already a hero indeed. Whatever the result may be, you are the one who have done all that, and no one can do better than you are.  :)"

-Bunga Istyani-

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